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SCR888 Test Account

Want to play at SCR888 Casino without using real money? Well, you have come to the right place. The trial app is here and it’s called the SCR888 Test Account. You can get the SCR888 Test Account here. If you haven’t registered for an SCR888 account, you may start doing so by clicking on the SCR888 Register button. If not, just click on the Live Chat bar and tell them that you want to register for an SCR888 Account.

After that, you may request for the SCR888 Test Account from the Live Chat team. In the SCR888 Test Account, there will be about 2,000 credit balance at your disposal. You can try to place maximum bets on all of the games at SCR888 Casino until your credit finishes. Even if it does, just request from the Live Chat team for more credit because it is free of charge.

SCR888 Test Account – Try Everything And Anything

What you should really do with the SCR888 Test Account is that you should try all the games out at SCR888 Casino. Next, after trying out all of the games, you should try playing at the maximum bet. Depending on the games, most of the casino table games are at 1,000 maximum bet. However, for the slot games, the maximum bet for the majority of the games are at 600 maximum bet per spin. If you finish your credit balance, just speak with the Live Chat team and request for a top up. Below, I will guide you in some strategies that you may try out.

SCR888 Test Account – Win At Slots Today

This is a slot game strategy. You may try it out with the SCR888 Test Account. It’s very simple. With the 2,000 credit balance that you have available, you’ll need to get in to the game of Panther Moon. Before you start playing the game, I’ll need you to make sure that you are playing for the maximum paylines. Once you have set your paylines, next you’ll need to adjust the bet per spin. Set your bet per spin to 150.

This means that you are playing for 150 a spin. Once you get three scatters, you will be entering the free spin bonus round. From one free spin bonus round, you’ll be able to get about 2500. Once this free spin bonus round is over, I’ll need you to reset the bet per spin again. This time, set it to 600 bet per spin. The next time you get in to a free spin bonus round, you’ll make about 10,000.

However, if you run out of credit, just request for a top up on your SCR888 Test Account because by spinning for 600 per round, you’ll quickly reduce your winnings and your credit balance to zero. You will only be able to try this technique out at the SCR888 Test Account. Do not attempt to try this with real money because you’ll lose very quickly but if you win, you’ll win greatly too.

SCR888 Test Account – Impressive Casino Table Tricks

There are so many casino table games at SCR888 Casino but today we’re going to be talking about one of the most common casino table games which is the game of three card poker. Since you have the SCR888 Test Account, you can test the maximum bet per hand for this game. With 2,000 credit balance, you will not be able to start playing with the maximum bet at first. So, I suggest that you try playing with all three hands first but not with the maximum bet.

You may place 50 at Pair Plus Bet and 300 at Ante and another 300 at Bet. For three hands, this should cost you 1,950 credit. Just farm up until you get more than 9,000 credit and you can play for the maximum bet of 1,000 credit per slot. Since there are three places to bet per hand, you’ll need 3,000 credit per hand and there are three hands available to play. That’s why you need a total of at least 9,000 credit to play. Have fun trying this out! Hope that you win from this!

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