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SCR888 Slot Games

The SCR888 / 918Kiss Slot Games are the best online entertainment. There have the slot machine games, but today, SCR888 Casino is providing the Online Slot Games on the apps. It allows the online players to play the SCR888 Slot Games on the mobile device with the Internet. The SCR888 Casino Games include more than 60 slots allow the players to choose from. It won’t be boring while gaming on the SCR888 Casino Games.

Next, in order to enjoy the SCR888 Slot Games. They need the players to download the Casino into the mobile device. Then get an ID from one of the SCR888 agents for free. It will be interesting to gaming on the SCR888 Slot Games.


SCR888 Casino

Today, the SCR888 Casino is the hottest Online Casino in Malaysia. They have more than a million Malaysian fans to support them. It is the huge number. Other than Malaysia, they explore to other Southern Asia countries as well. They are successful to operate the SCR888 Casino till today.

Before the SCR888, that is an Online Casino take the first place of the population in Malaysia. It is the SKY3888 Casino, but now the SCR888 Casino beat down that casino. And now, the SCR888 Casino becomes the most welcoming Online Gambling entertainment.

Within the SCR888 Casino, their slot games are the famous. Most of the players come to their apps due to the SCR888 Slot Games. As the slot game is the only casino game gives the highest winning odds to the winner. It may give a hundred odds or even more than thousand odds. It is super huge winning odds ever.


Play the Famous SCR888 Slot Games

Within the 60 plus slot games on the SCR888 Casino, some of them are highly popular in the list. Many players play those games, due to those games bring them the huge winning prize. That’s why to do every player loves to play the famous SCR888 slot games. Play them now!


SCR888 Slot Games

Great Blue Slot Game

Believe most of the people recognize with the Great Blue Slot Game, right? Yes, it is the most famous and most plays SCR888 Slot Games. It is containing 25 lines with the ocean theme. Great Blue is an interesting game powered by the Playtech Casino Supplier.

Why do people like to play this game? The Great Blue slot becomes famous due to their wild symbol feature. Many people understand the wild will replicate with other symbols. In the Great Blue Slot, their wild symbol does as well. But their wild symbol will appear in grouping for the replication. Imagine when the wild appears in a group, it will replicate with all of the symbols to win a super big prize from the game. It is why the people love to play the Great Blue Slot.


SCR888 Slot Games

Dolphin Reef Slot Game

The Dolphin Reef SCR888 Slot Game is designing with the ocean theme as well, but it contains 15 lines. This may be similar to the Great Blue slot. Here, look forward to the wild symbols appear as well. On the Dolphin Reef Slot, the wild only occurs on the reel 2 and 4. If both occur simultaneously, it triggers the Bonus Games.

The Bonus Games of Dolphin Reef Slot Game, it awards 5 free games with the x2 multiplier. During the Bonus Games, the wild symbols will expand on the entire reel 2 and 4 for the replication. It is to make the players to easier to award the winning prize.


SCR888 Slot Games

Highway King Slot Game

The Highway King is one of the interesting SCR888 Slot Games as well. It doesn’t include any bonus games, but the game is including 9 lines. It is super less line on the slot game nowadays. So, the game allows to pay from the left to right and from right to left, it is paying for both ways. Normally, the game plays from the left to right only. This is a special deal. And the players able to spend more budget to get on the game. As they only have 9 lines in total. It won’t exceed the budget.


SCR888 Slot Games

Feng Shen Slot Game

Feng Shen is a slot powered by the IGS. The theme is designing with the myth of the ancient Chinese. It is talking about the Chinese god. It is the slot designs with 9 lines as well, which the gameplay similar to the Highway King Slot Game. But the Feng Shen Slot is including a Bonus Game.

The Bonus Game is interesting. On each reel, they belong to different elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Gold. Once there have three elements appear simultaneously, it triggers the Bonus Game. And the bonus game will spin the different wheel and the different paytable. Here, it makes two types of the game.


SCR888 Slot Games

Three Kingdoms Slot Game

The Three Kingdoms Slot Game is similar with the 9 lines Feng Shen slot, but the different bonus game. With 9 lines plus two bonus games, sound interesting. In the first bonus game, once the screen appears three or above of Guan Dao symbols, it triggers the bonus game. “Guan Dao” is a weapon of Guan Yu. On this bonus game, the light will keep spin to award the prize. Until three times or more stop on the Red Circle (depend on the number of Guan Dao appear).

Next, the second bonus game. This is much more interesting, but it may hard to trigger. On the normal game, what if that’s four-same symbol appear on the four different corners. The bonus game start to spinning. It will keep rewarding until the entire screen turns to the same symbol. Normally, this bonus game will win more than thousands of the prize minimum, depend on the line bet.



Above are the most popular SCR888 Slot Games. Many players like to enjoy those games once enter the SCR888 Casino. There are still have more interesting Slot Games as well. Each of them has the unique feature provides to the players for the enjoyment.

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