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SCR888 Casino

SCR888 Casino Online

Nowadays, the SCR888 / 918Kiss Casino had become Malaysia most played Casino Online Game. In Malaysia, that’s a lot of the Casino Brands. But the SCR888 Casino is occupied more than 60% of the Online Casino Market of Malaysia. SCR888 Casino has nearly million daily active players to enjoy their Online Casino Games. In early, the SCR888 Casino built the SCR888 Live Casino on the site but now removed.

In order to convenient the player, the SCR888 Mobile Casino had served to the SCR888’s players. With the mobile casino, the player can play the casino games at anywhere and anytime. The SCR888 Casino is providing the Online Slot Games, Video Table Games, and Video Arcade Games. With those casino games by SCR888, it is having more than 100 casino games provided for the player to choose from. It will be fun to play the SCR888 Online Casino.

SCR888 Slot Game

The Slot Games on SCR888 Casino, they have occupied about 66% of the game list. Since the slot games are giving the higher winning odds than other casino games. So, most of the Malaysian gamblers are preferring to play the slot game. In the Slot, the player able to bet few cents and win hundred or thousand odds from the winning games. Other casino games won’t give as high as slot games given.

SCR888 Jackpot

Within the SCR888 Slot Game, the gamblers play the slot not just the game but the feature as well. In the SCR888, they have many progressive slots on the gambling site. The progressive slot is a slot game contained progressive jackpot. It also is known as the random jackpot on the SCR888 Online Casino.

The progressive jackpot can be trigger after any conclusion of a game. Normally in SCR888 Slot, they allow the player to win the random jackpot at the prize of $3,000 or above. It is a super huge cash prize. To win the random jackpot on SCR888 Slot, the player must maximum the bet on each line. It helps to increase the chances of the trigger the jackpot.

SCR888 Apps

As mentioned above, the SCR888 Casino is designed to play on the mobile devices. But it can be played on the tablet as well and cannot play on the PC. The mobile phone is the daily use item for every people nowadays. And the SCR888 had designed to the mobile version, so the player able to download on the personal device with safety and privacy.

Besides that, the SCR888 Mobile is supporting the Android user and Apple user only. With these two operating systems, they are the most used mobile phone in Malaysia. And now, the SCR888 Apps become the most download rate Online Casino Application in Malaysia.

In order to download the SCR888 apps, it can’t be found in the Play Store or App Store. But the player can be found the SCR888 apps on the SCR888 Official Website. Some more, they will teach the player to install the SCR888 iOS. As it may be complicated to install into Apple device. But the SCR888 APK will be easier to install on the Android device.

SCR888 Gameplay Modes

Within the SCR888 Game, they split into two modes – online mode and offline mode. Both modes are played with the same game but in different ways.

In the online mode of SCR888 Game, it allows the player to bet the game with multiplayer. Means, the player can play the casino games with other SCR888 players at the same time. It makes more reality on the gameplay. But the online mode just added with the Video Games and Video Arcade Games, as the Slot Games can’t play with other players.Next, the offline mode, it is the mode include all of the casino games. The mode allows the player to play solo with more privacy.

Next, the offline mode, it is the mode include all of the casino games. The mode allows the player to play solo with more privacy.


The SCR888 is a super great Online Casino in Malaysia. They give their player with the higher winning rate on the slot games. In Malaysia, other casinos won’t give the rate as high as SCR888 Casino given. Now, there are many people withdraw the cash money from the SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia. When is your turn?

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