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SCR888 Live

Get the best online casino in 2018, the SCR888 Live Casino! Download the SCR888 / 918Kiss App and start playing with the SCR888 Free Credit bonus. Right now, we are offering the SCR888 Free Credit bonus when you register and download the SCR888 Live app. I’ll talk more in-depth about the SCR888 Free Credit later on. But what you need to do now, is to register as a member and then download the SCR888 Live app. Do not procrastinate as the SCR888 Free Credit is available for a limited time only. Speak to our Live Chat personnel and ask them how you can register or how to download the SCR888 Live app. They will assist you if you are facing any issue.

SCR888 Live – Free Credit

You may redeem your free credit by registering as a member of SCR888 Live and then download the SCR888 Live app. But wait, that’s not complete. You’ll need to deposit some money first then only you will be eligible to claim the SCR888 Free Credit bonus. Once you have claimed your free credit, I would like to encourage you to use it on the slot games of SCR888 Live. The reason behind this is because the slot games use a very little amount of capital but the payout is incredible.

So for example, if you are spinning the reels for RM1, you stand a chance to win up to RM1500 in just one free spin bonus round. Totally worth it because I’m pretty sure the SCR888 Free Credit isn’t that much and you’ll need to bet wisely. You can’t be betting big all the time unless you don’t mind using your capital if you lose all your free credit.

SCR888 Live – Hack

There are so many ways to hack the SCR888 Live app. Just go to Google and search for SCR888 Live Hack and you will find plenty of hacks there. Currently, we do not have any hacks on our site due to the recent upgrade of SCR888 Casino to 918Kiss Casino. But I personally have come across some hacks online and they are really useful especially in the slot games. When you turn on the SCR888 slot games hack, you will receive abundant free spin bonus rounds. Not only that, if you’re really lucky, you’ll get a free spin in the free spin bonus round. Example, with the hack, turned on, it is more likely that you will get an extra free spin during your current free spin bonus round.

SCR888 Live – Gain Victory Over The Games

In this section, I will gladly guide you all out there on how to win at the game of roulette at SCR888 Live. Let’s start. This game consists of a ball being spun and falling into specific columns. 37 columns to be exact. But how do you profit from this game? It’s not that hard but it requires discipline and focus. I would like to call this the boxing technique. Let’s say you’re at the roulette table and you don’t know which number to bet on. Look at the statistic chart and find out which is the hottest number at the table.

What is the hottest number? It is the number that the roulette ball always falls on. Let’s say that the number is 8. Now, place a bet on the number 8 and everything else besides the number 8. Example, place RM5 on the number 8 and RM1 on 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, 6, 9 and 5. This is called the box technique and it is very profitable as you will make plenty of money if the ball drops exactly on the number that you picked.

If not, you will also win some money if the ball doesn’t drop exactly at the number you chose. The total bet is not much, just RM13 but your returns are impressive. Not to mention, even if you guessed wrong, you will still stand a chance to get a return. Though the return is not that much, it will cover your total bet and you will still make a small amount of money for sure. Good luck in SCR888 Roulette and I hope you win massively because of this technique!

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