SCR888 Kiosk | SCR888 Agent | How to Pocket RM30,000 Monthly

SCR888 Kiosk

The SCR888 Kiosk is a login platform for the agents of SCR888 / 918kiss Casino. If you want to use the SCR888 Kiosk, just register for an agent ID with us and you’ll be able to login to the SCR888 Kiosk. With the SCR888 Kiosk, you’ll be able to create multiple player IDs and you will also be able to top up credit for your player accounts. Not to mention, you’ll be able to fight against your player too! As an example, if your player losses RM1000, and you fight 80%, you’ll earn RM800. How cool is that?

Get one now just by asking it from the Live Chat team. Click the Live Chat bar at the bottom of the site and you can speak to a customer service representative. The SCR888 Agent ID is just an upgrade of the normal SCR888 ID. If you have plenty of friends playing at SCR888 Casino, then I recommend that you get the SCR888 Agent ID but if you don’t have any players, just get the regular ID and play as a player. I’ll guide you in making money anyways. Just follow the guide below. Be prepared for your life is going to change real soon.

SCR888 Kiosk – Time To Make Money

Before I start, please make sure that you have at least RM1,000 as a capital to play. After you have deposited the RM1000, log in to the SCR888 App and select the game of Great Blue. Why this game? Because this game has one of the highest Return To Player (RTP) percentage. In layman’s term, the bonus payouts are pretty rewarding. Alright, let’s do this. After you enter the game, make sure you select the maximum paylines. Next, select the bet per spin to RM5. Now, spin the reels and wait till you hit a bonus.

The bonus in this game is really easy to spot. As long as you have 3 seashell symbols, you’ll be entering the free spin bonus round. And this will pay you incredibly high with RM5 bet per spin. You will win about RM3,000 from just one free spin bonus round. After the free spin bonus round ends, change your bet per spin to RM10 and start spinning the reels again. Wait patiently until another free spin bonus round pops up. This time, you’ll make about RM6,000 from the free spin bonus round.

So right now, you have won RM9,000 in this game. But wait, this is just your gross profit. You still need to deduct your capital and the capital that you used up to spin the reels. Your capital was RM1,000 and I estimate that you will be using up about RM2,000 on your spins. So, with the gross profit of RM9,000 and then deduct your total capital of RM3,000, you will be left with RM6,000 pure profit. Do this for another 4 times in the same month and you’ll have a total of RM30,000 in a month.

SCR888 Kiosk – Advantages Playing With Us

If you were to get the SCR888 account with us, you’re in for a treat. There are so many advantages for you. First of all, you’ll receive amazing bonuses and promotions way beyond your wildest imagination. These bonuses and promotions come in the form of free credit and it will help you during your play at SCR888 Casino. The rewards don’t end there as we have rewards not only for new members, but we do have rewards for existing members as well. Next, we have the best service in town. Our withdrawal is less than 5 minutes.

In fact, it only takes 2 minutes but due to high transaction activity that’s beyond our control, we will just state that a standard withdrawal will take about 5 minutes or less. Not to mention, we are trustworthy as well. We have proof of withdrawals going up to RM100,000. But for these kinds of large transactions, the withdrawal will take more than 5 minutes for sure. Think about it, you can’t just fork out RM100,000 in 5 minutes. That’s ridiculous. I believe that these are sufficient advantages for you to play with us. Sign up now and claim your new member bonus! Enjoy!

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