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SCR888 Apps

There are two SCR888 Apps currently available on the market which are the 918kiss / SCR888 APK and the SCR888 iOS. You can get both the SCR888 Apps here. Not to mention, there are also winning strategies that you can try out at both the SCR888 Apps. We have everything here, so you don’t have to do any research. Just come to our site and get what you need. From SCR888 Apps to winning strategies, it’s all for free. In addition, our SCR888 Apps are legitimate and the winning strategies are based on personal experience by players of SCR888 Casino. I will guide you on how to download both the SCR888 Apps below.

SCR888 Apps – Want It?

Since there are two versions of the SCR888 Apps, I will state how you can get both of them here. As you all know, the Android version is the SCR888 APK and the Apple version is the SCR888 iOS. The method to get both of them is roughly the same. Let’s start with the SCR888 APK, you’ll need to open your Google Chrome app and search for this link, Next, you’ll be on the download site. Please click on the Android button and accept the download. Right after that, there should be a pop up that indicates Install.

Click on the Install button and you will have the SCR888 APK app. For the SCR888 iOS, you may follow the instructions given on the download site. Every step is shown there. If you haven’t registered for an SCR888 account, I suggest that you do so if not you’ll not be able to log in to the SCR888 Apps. Not to mention, the SCR888 Register is so simple and it doesn’t take much of your time, so why not get it done? Once you have an SCR888 account, you can log in to both the SCR888 Apps with that one account.

SCR888 Apps – Take Everything From The Casino

Why play at SCR888 Casino if you don’t plan on winning everything? Am I right? Play only to win and nothing else. I shall talk about the game of three card poker. This game is not the same as regular poker as you are playing against the dealer. You will be able to open three hands maximum. A good tip here to win consistently is to bet lesser at the Pair Plus Bet and place the maximum bet, if you could, at the Ante and Bet.

The reason you are doing this is that the dealer can only play with a Queen or higher cards. The dealer will not play if he or she has a J or lower cards. So, just keep calm and play if your cards are weak. Do not fold because you will instantly lose. This way you have a better chance of winning. Once you win a couple of hands and you have extra winnings to play with, I suggest only then you raise your bets on the Pair Plus Bet.

But do not put too much as well. Place the amount that you feel comfortable with. Don’t forget, that the Pair Plus Bet is just a bonus that you will get if you hit something. Let’s say you are betting the maximum on Ante and Bet. The bet you place on Ante is RM1000. A good way to judge how much you should place on Pair Plus Bet is RM200 to RM400. Do not go more than that but if you feel like you’re going to hit something good, please do what you want and go for it.


Get two phones and start trying out both the SCR888 Apps today! With two versions of the apps, how can one choose? If you don’t have sufficient cash to buy two phones, just use one of our winning strategies on here to make money for yourself and buy both the Android and Apple smartphones. I believe that you will be able to buy more than just two phones if you follow our strategies every single time for every game. For starters, get the SCR888 APK as it is the latest app being launched by SCR888 Casino. Visit our blog section to get more strategies to try out.

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