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The SCR888 APK is created mainly for the Android smartphones and players who want to play at SCR888 / 918Kiss Casino can always download the SCR888 APK app. However, if you are using the iPhone or any Apple devices, you can opt for the SCR888 iOS app. I read online somewhere that you can actually play the SCR888 Casino on a computer. The concept of it is whereby you’ll need to get the Android simulator for PC.

Then, later on, download the SCR888 APK app on to the Android simulator for PC. Before you download the SCR888 APK app, make sure you register for an SCR888 account. If it’s your first time registering as a member here, you will receive a special bonus in the form of free credit from us. Not to mention, there are many other bonuses for existing members too! Do not hesitate to join us now and start to reap the benefits of your investment.

SCR888 APK – Spinning At Slots

Since there are so many games at SCR888 Casino, I’ll only guide you in winning a few games. Not to mention, I don’t want to bore most of the viewers on here with a few thousand words. Alright, let’s start with the winning tips to try out at SCR888 Casino. We’ll start with slot games tip.

Every time you enter a slot game, make sure that you always select all the paylines and you are betting on all of the paylines. Another good tip here is that you start with the lowest bet per spin and after a few bonus rounds with extra foreign capital, you only raise your bet per spin. Do not start playing slots with big bets per spin as you’ll burn up your capital pretty fast.

Take note that in most of the gambling games, it’s best that you play with foreign capital to minimize your losses. Try not to use so much of your capital. Once you gather extra foreign capital from free spin bonus rounds, use those winnings and bet bigger on your future bet per spin.

SCR888 APK – Wukong

For those of you who always go to the “Kedai Judi”, I think you people should know this game very well as it is one of the most famous multiplayer arcade machine games. There will be at least one of these multiplayer arcade machine games in every “Kedai Judi”. The fun part about Wukong is that there are so many columns to bet on and the payouts vary from one to another.

There are 4 characters in this game and each character has 3 columns to bet on. So there would be a total of 12 columns to bet. The highest payout is Wukong himself, followed by the Cute Girl character which is the second highest payout, third in place is the Cute Green Goblin and lastly, the Cute Brown Bull with the lowest payout. The reason why the Wukong character is the highest payout is that it will rarely appear to win in this game.

However, the Cute Brown Bull is the lowest because it will appear most of the time to win this game. With this being said, your safest bet is to place on the Cute Brown Bull. Place your bets on all 3 of the columns. In the long run, you will win this game. If you think the payout is a little too low for you, why not just bet bigger so that you will get more in returns.

SCR888 APK – Fishing At Ocean King

This is another multiplayer arcade machine game. You will be able to pick your spot to sit and then select your type of gun and start shooting at fishes. Every type of fish has a different point. An easier way of understanding the point system of the fishes is by simply looking at the size of the fish. Meaning to say that, the larger the fish or creature, the more points you’ll get if it dies when you shoot at it. The best advice for playing this game is that you’ll need bigger guns.

Every type of gun in this game has a different type of bullet. There are some bonus packages in the game whereby you’ll be awarded the laser gun which is the strongest one of all. To get the laser gun, you’ll need to target special fishes and it will award you with the laser gun. If you want to do this the easy way, just use a bigger capital and switch your gun to the most expensive gun.

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