MEGA888 or PUSSY888?

MEGA888 or PUSSY888

MEGA888 or PUSSY888?

Is MEGA888 or PUSSY888 better? It’s not about 918KISS anymore. 918KISS could easily become a thing in the past. It is a new era.

Why would I say so? Just imagine what happen if 918KISS’s game server is shut down again, just like what happened in the September of 2019. Although it resumed its game operation in November 2019, but we already downgraded the rating of its game server given such instability.

So, we predict that MEGA888 and PUSSY888 may overtake its leading position in the Malaysian online casino industry, not yet, but very soon. So, we think it’s pretty important to start analysing these two mobile slot games.

MEGA888 – Winning Payout As High As 918KISS

Many players like to play MEGA888, simply because it offers high winning payout, just as good as 918KISS. In fact, it could offer a better rate based on statistical test. Of course, there is no ultimate answer to this question, because winning payout rate of each slot game is fluctuating on daily basis.

Speaking of MEGA888 alone, one single player can expect to make an annual return of 9.5% on average, provided he or she deploys the right online betting strategy. Moreover, he or she also need to stick to the following rules:

  • Make sure you have sufficient money to bet, as winning/losses might largely fluctuate. You need to survive before all your capital is depleted.
  • To be in healthy mental condition, it is also one of the most crucial criteria for you to improve decision making process.
  • Set stop loss limit, as well as winning cut off point. You gotta know where to stop to secure your winnings.

PUSSY888 – Cutting Edge Slot Game Graphic Design

PUSSY888 could be currently the most trendy mobile slot game in Malaysia. It has sleek game design, alongside smooth gaming experience which makes it one of the top choices amongst online slot game players.

As a matter of fact, it has just won The Best Mobile Slot Game Design 2019 awarded by the Global Online Casino Association in Philippines. We would say there is no other slot game brand in Malaysia that could outperform the game design of PUSSY888.

In terms of winning payout, PUSSY888 offers rate slightly lower than MEGA888. Nonetheless, the difference is tiny. It makes no difference to players which game is easier to win.

Could They Overtake 918KISS?

Yes, they could possibly overtake 918KISS, soon. Hypothetically, if there is another prolonged interruption in the game server of 918KISS, we predict that MEGA888 stand highest chance to become the next top mobile slot game in Malaysia? Just wait and see :p