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SCR888 Online

SCR888 Online

SCR888 Online Casino is currently the leading number one online casino in Malaysia as of 2018. You can download the SCR888 / 918KIss App here with us. Just click on the SCR888 Download button and you will be able to get the app. SCR888 Online Casino has about 200 games in it and most of it is slot games.

The one thing that no other online casinos can match up with SCR888 Online Casino is the lucrative rewards that it gives. Speak to our Live Chat team and get the official SCR888 Online download link. Don’t forget to register as a member too! If you’re a new member, you may request for additional bonuses when you sign up.

SCR888 Online – Advantages

There are so many advantages in playing at SCR888 Online Casino. I’ll mention a few right here. First of all, it’s easy to obtain and it’s free. All you have to do is just register as a member, download the app, deposit some money and then you can start playing already. Next, you can play on any device. There are 2 versions of the app, the SCR888 APK, and the SCR888 iOS.

Since you can download the app on any device, you will be able to play at SCR888 Online Casino anywhere and anytime. I believe that all of you carry your phone at all times right? So yeah. There’s your answer. And if you register as a member here, one of the advantages is that we have the fastest withdrawal rate among all other online casinos.

SCR888 Online – What To Do

Play, of course! Download the app then deposit the amount of money that you are comfortable to play with and start enjoying. You may also try downloading those SCR888 hacks on the internet as we do have players who have tried that before. The thing about the hack is that not all of the hacks work. Just some of them. Try getting the hacks from a legit source. Here at SCR888 Live Casino, we do not have any hacks to give out.

The thing about the hack is that it isn’t stable. Example, if you’re playing with the hack, you might experience issues like game hanging halfway during playing, the SCR888 hack will force your game to close while playing and not to mention, you might even get a virus on your mobile phone. Be cautious when you download the SCR888 hack. Don’t just simply download from the internet. Make sure you do some research about the hack before proceeding with anything.

SCR888 Online – Play With A Strategy

You don’t just march into SCR888 Online Casino and start playing without a plan. If you do so without a plan, you’ll most likely lose your money at the SCR888 games. But, with a strategy, you’ll most likely make some money. The real question is, how much can you make tho? This is where I come in. Today, I will share with you a proven winning strategy that has been shared with me by a professional player. This pro that shared with me his experience has won plenty from SCR888 and even at Genting Casinos. He has been to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and won from there too! I will not reveal his identity as he is uncomfortable with so.

SCR888 Online – Sure Win

Let’s get on with it. The game that you can use this strategy on is Three Card Poker. In SCR888 Online, you can play Three Card Poker with a maximum of 3 hands. The secret to this game is that you’ll need to bet maximum on Ante and Bet. Actually, if you bet maximum on Ante, you’ll have to place the same amount on Bet. So yeah. However, for the Pair Plus Bet, do not place so much on this bet. Try to keep a bet ratio of 1:5.

Example, if you bet RM500 on Ante, then place RM100 on Pair Plus Bet. Do not get greedy and place the same amount of RM500 on Pair Plus Bet. If you hit something, it’s fine, but if you do not get anything, then there is no point in playing that hand because if you lose that RM500 on Pair Plus Bet but you win on the Ante bet, then it means you didn’t win or lose. There is no point in playing that hand in the first place.

SCR888 Kiosk | SCR888 Agent | How to Pocket RM30,000 Monthly

SCR888 Kiosk

SCR888 Kiosk

The SCR888 Kiosk is a login platform for the agents of SCR888 / 918kiss Casino. If you want to use the SCR888 Kiosk, just register for an agent ID with us and you’ll be able to login to the SCR888 Kiosk. With the SCR888 Kiosk, you’ll be able to create multiple player IDs and you will also be able to top up credit for your player accounts. Not to mention, you’ll be able to fight against your player too! As an example, if your player losses RM1000, and you fight 80%, you’ll earn RM800. How cool is that?

Get one now just by asking it from the Live Chat team. Click the Live Chat bar at the bottom of the site and you can speak to a customer service representative. The SCR888 Agent ID is just an upgrade of the normal SCR888 ID. If you have plenty of friends playing at SCR888 Casino, then I recommend that you get the SCR888 Agent ID but if you don’t have any players, just get the regular ID and play as a player. I’ll guide you in making money anyways. Just follow the guide below. Be prepared for your life is going to change real soon.

SCR888 Kiosk – Time To Make Money

Before I start, please make sure that you have at least RM1,000 as a capital to play. After you have deposited the RM1000, log in to the SCR888 App and select the game of Great Blue. Why this game? Because this game has one of the highest Return To Player (RTP) percentage. In layman’s term, the bonus payouts are pretty rewarding. Alright, let’s do this. After you enter the game, make sure you select the maximum paylines. Next, select the bet per spin to RM5. Now, spin the reels and wait till you hit a bonus.

The bonus in this game is really easy to spot. As long as you have 3 seashell symbols, you’ll be entering the free spin bonus round. And this will pay you incredibly high with RM5 bet per spin. You will win about RM3,000 from just one free spin bonus round. After the free spin bonus round ends, change your bet per spin to RM10 and start spinning the reels again. Wait patiently until another free spin bonus round pops up. This time, you’ll make about RM6,000 from the free spin bonus round.

So right now, you have won RM9,000 in this game. But wait, this is just your gross profit. You still need to deduct your capital and the capital that you used up to spin the reels. Your capital was RM1,000 and I estimate that you will be using up about RM2,000 on your spins. So, with the gross profit of RM9,000 and then deduct your total capital of RM3,000, you will be left with RM6,000 pure profit. Do this for another 4 times in the same month and you’ll have a total of RM30,000 in a month.

SCR888 Kiosk – Advantages Playing With Us

If you were to get the SCR888 account with us, you’re in for a treat. There are so many advantages for you. First of all, you’ll receive amazing bonuses and promotions way beyond your wildest imagination. These bonuses and promotions come in the form of free credit and it will help you during your play at SCR888 Casino. The rewards don’t end there as we have rewards not only for new members, but we do have rewards for existing members as well. Next, we have the best service in town. Our withdrawal is less than 5 minutes.

In fact, it only takes 2 minutes but due to high transaction activity that’s beyond our control, we will just state that a standard withdrawal will take about 5 minutes or less. Not to mention, we are trustworthy as well. We have proof of withdrawals going up to RM100,000. But for these kinds of large transactions, the withdrawal will take more than 5 minutes for sure. Think about it, you can’t just fork out RM100,000 in 5 minutes. That’s ridiculous. I believe that these are sufficient advantages for you to play with us. Sign up now and claim your new member bonus! Enjoy!

SCR888 Live | SCR888 Casino | SCR888 Free Credit

SCR888 Live

SCR888 Live

Get the best online casino in 2018, the SCR888 Live Casino! Download the SCR888 / 918Kiss App and start playing with the SCR888 Free Credit bonus. Right now, we are offering the SCR888 Free Credit bonus when you register and download the SCR888 Live app. I’ll talk more in-depth about the SCR888 Free Credit later on. But what you need to do now, is to register as a member and then download the SCR888 Live app. Do not procrastinate as the SCR888 Free Credit is available for a limited time only. Speak to our Live Chat personnel and ask them how you can register or how to download the SCR888 Live app. They will assist you if you are facing any issue.

SCR888 Live – Free Credit

You may redeem your free credit by registering as a member of SCR888 Live and then download the SCR888 Live app. But wait, that’s not complete. You’ll need to deposit some money first then only you will be eligible to claim the SCR888 Free Credit bonus. Once you have claimed your free credit, I would like to encourage you to use it on the slot games of SCR888 Live. The reason behind this is because the slot games use a very little amount of capital but the payout is incredible.

So for example, if you are spinning the reels for RM1, you stand a chance to win up to RM1500 in just one free spin bonus round. Totally worth it because I’m pretty sure the SCR888 Free Credit isn’t that much and you’ll need to bet wisely. You can’t be betting big all the time unless you don’t mind using your capital if you lose all your free credit.

SCR888 Live – Hack

There are so many ways to hack the SCR888 Live app. Just go to Google and search for SCR888 Live Hack and you will find plenty of hacks there. Currently, we do not have any hacks on our site due to the recent upgrade of SCR888 Casino to 918Kiss Casino. But I personally have come across some hacks online and they are really useful especially in the slot games. When you turn on the SCR888 slot games hack, you will receive abundant free spin bonus rounds. Not only that, if you’re really lucky, you’ll get a free spin in the free spin bonus round. Example, with the hack, turned on, it is more likely that you will get an extra free spin during your current free spin bonus round.

SCR888 Live – Gain Victory Over The Games

In this section, I will gladly guide you all out there on how to win at the game of roulette at SCR888 Live. Let’s start. This game consists of a ball being spun and falling into specific columns. 37 columns to be exact. But how do you profit from this game? It’s not that hard but it requires discipline and focus. I would like to call this the boxing technique. Let’s say you’re at the roulette table and you don’t know which number to bet on. Look at the statistic chart and find out which is the hottest number at the table.

What is the hottest number? It is the number that the roulette ball always falls on. Let’s say that the number is 8. Now, place a bet on the number 8 and everything else besides the number 8. Example, place RM5 on the number 8 and RM1 on 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, 6, 9 and 5. This is called the box technique and it is very profitable as you will make plenty of money if the ball drops exactly on the number that you picked.

If not, you will also win some money if the ball doesn’t drop exactly at the number you chose. The total bet is not much, just RM13 but your returns are impressive. Not to mention, even if you guessed wrong, you will still stand a chance to get a return. Though the return is not that much, it will cover your total bet and you will still make a small amount of money for sure. Good luck in SCR888 Roulette and I hope you win massively because of this technique!

SCR888 APK | SCR888 Download | SCR888 Mobile



The SCR888 APK is created mainly for the Android smartphones and players who want to play at SCR888 / 918Kiss Casino can always download the SCR888 APK app. However, if you are using the iPhone or any Apple devices, you can opt for the SCR888 iOS app. I read online somewhere that you can actually play the SCR888 Casino on a computer. The concept of it is whereby you’ll need to get the Android simulator for PC.

Then, later on, download the SCR888 APK app on to the Android simulator for PC. Before you download the SCR888 APK app, make sure you register for an SCR888 account. If it’s your first time registering as a member here, you will receive a special bonus in the form of free credit from us. Not to mention, there are many other bonuses for existing members too! Do not hesitate to join us now and start to reap the benefits of your investment.

SCR888 APK – Spinning At Slots

Since there are so many games at SCR888 Casino, I’ll only guide you in winning a few games. Not to mention, I don’t want to bore most of the viewers on here with a few thousand words. Alright, let’s start with the winning tips to try out at SCR888 Casino. We’ll start with slot games tip.

Every time you enter a slot game, make sure that you always select all the paylines and you are betting on all of the paylines. Another good tip here is that you start with the lowest bet per spin and after a few bonus rounds with extra foreign capital, you only raise your bet per spin. Do not start playing slots with big bets per spin as you’ll burn up your capital pretty fast.

Take note that in most of the gambling games, it’s best that you play with foreign capital to minimize your losses. Try not to use so much of your capital. Once you gather extra foreign capital from free spin bonus rounds, use those winnings and bet bigger on your future bet per spin.

SCR888 APK – Wukong

For those of you who always go to the “Kedai Judi”, I think you people should know this game very well as it is one of the most famous multiplayer arcade machine games. There will be at least one of these multiplayer arcade machine games in every “Kedai Judi”. The fun part about Wukong is that there are so many columns to bet on and the payouts vary from one to another.

There are 4 characters in this game and each character has 3 columns to bet on. So there would be a total of 12 columns to bet. The highest payout is Wukong himself, followed by the Cute Girl character which is the second highest payout, third in place is the Cute Green Goblin and lastly, the Cute Brown Bull with the lowest payout. The reason why the Wukong character is the highest payout is that it will rarely appear to win in this game.

However, the Cute Brown Bull is the lowest because it will appear most of the time to win this game. With this being said, your safest bet is to place on the Cute Brown Bull. Place your bets on all 3 of the columns. In the long run, you will win this game. If you think the payout is a little too low for you, why not just bet bigger so that you will get more in returns.

SCR888 APK – Fishing At Ocean King

This is another multiplayer arcade machine game. You will be able to pick your spot to sit and then select your type of gun and start shooting at fishes. Every type of fish has a different point. An easier way of understanding the point system of the fishes is by simply looking at the size of the fish. Meaning to say that, the larger the fish or creature, the more points you’ll get if it dies when you shoot at it. The best advice for playing this game is that you’ll need bigger guns.

Every type of gun in this game has a different type of bullet. There are some bonus packages in the game whereby you’ll be awarded the laser gun which is the strongest one of all. To get the laser gun, you’ll need to target special fishes and it will award you with the laser gun. If you want to do this the easy way, just use a bigger capital and switch your gun to the most expensive gun.

SCR888 Download | SCR888 APK Download | SCR888 iOS Download

SCR888 Download

SCR888 Download





Download the hottest online casino app right now! Here at SCR888 Live, we provide you with the official SCR888 download link from the authentic SCR888 download site. Get the SCR888 / 918Kiss App 2.0 right here and solve all your laggy problems! Do not wait as there might still be a free credit bonus to claim! Read more about it here and do not regret if you are too late to claim the free credit bonus.

We have plenty of other bonuses to give out! Request for the SCR888 download link from the Live Chat team or you can even ask them how to download the app. Try out our winning tips at SCR888 Casino and win massively. These are proven tips so you don’t have to go thru the trial and error phase of these tips. The winning tips are shared with us by players of SCR888 Casino.

SCR888 Download – Play To Win

So what do you do after downloading the SCR888 App? Start playing it! But you do not want to go in blindly and start playing, you’ll want to win and how do you do that? With the help of a winning tip of course. Let’s start off with the game of Three Card Poker. This is just a simple tip to avoid you from getting bad hands. So there are 3 hands available for you to play at Three Card Poker. You may start the game with just 1 hand first. Play for at least 5 rounds.

If the dealer keeps getting nice hands and beat your hand, you might want to play with 2 hands. Means that you’ll need to bet at 2 different places. So, instead of the regular 1 hand, you’ll be playing 2 hands which means that your second hand will receive the dealer’s hand. And now, the dealer will be taking the third hand. Play for 5 rounds again, if this still doesn’t work, try opening up the third hand. If all else fails, just temporary stop. Your luck might not be good.

SCR888 Download – Win More Now

Now, we’ll move to another classic casino game which is the roulette game. This game involves a ball and 37 columns for the ball to drop in. The question is, which column will the ball drop? Nobody knows but everyone can roughly predict. Today, I will teach you how to play this game but on a different level. Instead of the usual betting on numbers, you might want to try betting on the Red or Black color. However, there is a twist to this. You only have 2 places to bet on which is the Red or Black but the way you bet is going to be different here.

Let’s say you are at the roulette table, now pick a color, Red or Black. If you pick Black, just start the bet with RM50 first. Then if you win, place all your winnings in the same spot, Black. If you win again, place all your winnings again on Black. Do this for 3 rounds and you will have a total of RM400. Now, this usually works for only 3 rounds, so if you want to do this for more than 3 rounds, it will be at your own risk. After the 3 rounds are over, pick a color again and restart with RM50 for another 3 rounds.

SCR888 Download – Try A Hack

With so many hacks for SCR888 Casino available online, I will suggest that you download one and try it out. A few of our players have tried out several hacks and the conclusion is that some of it works and some of it doesn’t. So you’ll nice to download the hack from a trusted site. Don’t just simply download the SCR888 Hack. The safest way here is that you download the hack and then try it on the SCR888 Test ID or SCR888 Free Play account.

So, if anything were to go wrong, you can just delete the test app or free account and start with a totally new ID. It’s free after all, even the credit inside the test app or free account is free. You don’t have to worry about anything. But if the SCR888 Hack works, you should give it a try for real money at the genuine SCR888 App.

SCR888 Casino | SCR888 Live | SCR888 Download Link

SCR888 Casino

(918Kiss) SCR888 Casino

Get the official SCR888 / 918Kiss Download link right here and start playing at (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino. We are currently offering the SCR888 Free Credit if you use our download link to download the (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino app on your phone. The (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino offers two types of apps which are the SCR888 APK and the SCR888 iOS. I read somewhere that you can actually download the (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino on your computer but I’m not too sure how you can do it. You might want to search online regarding this if you are interested in getting the (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino on your desktop or laptop. You may obtain the official (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino download link from the Live Chat squad. They will even guide you on downloading the (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino app.

(918Kiss) SCR888 Casino – Free Credit

There is an ongoing free credit bonus to be claimed here at SCR888 Live. The only requirement is that you’ll need to download the (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino app through the official download link that we provide. You’ll be forfeited to claim the SCR888 free credit from us if you download the app through other download links from other websites. Please make sure that you get the SCR888 download link from the Live Chat squad. Then you may request for the SCR888 free credit after you have downloaded the SCR888 App. Not to mention, the SCR888 free credit is obtainable for a limited time only. You may use the SCR888 free credit on the slot games as it requires the least credit to play but if you enter a few free spin bonus rounds, you’ll bound to make a heap of money.

(918Kiss) SCR888 Casino – Hack The Games

Because the SCR888 App is the most trending online casino app in 2018, there are plenty of hacks available online. You may try the SCR888 Slot Games Hack. I heard from other players that it is pretty efficient when in use and it is effortless to get. Here at SCR888 Live, we do not provide any of these hacks but I can guide you in getting some. Just go on Google and search for the SCR888 Hacks.

I would also recommend you to get the SCR888 Table Games Hack. Make sure that you use the hack wisely and don’t abuse using the hack because if you always use the hack, it may affect the SCR888 App. Not to mention, if you get caught using the hack on the games by the customer service agent, you will most likely be unable to withdraw your winnings. Just a word of caution here. Please take note on this, my fellow brothers and sisters of SCR888.

(918Kiss) SCR888 Casino – APK Download

I’ll just briefly guide you through in downloading the SCR888 APK. Go to the URL and key in then hit on the search button. After that, you will be brought to the official 918Kiss Download site. Click on the Android button at the top of the page. Accept the download then install the 918Kiss APK app. Once you are done, you will be able to see the 918Kiss APK app on your phone. It’s as simple as that. However, if you are an iPhone user, just follow the steps shown in the 918Kiss Download site. There is a complete step by step guide on that page. Just follow the instructions given and you’ll have the 918Kiss iOS app in no time. If you are facing any issues, please contact the Live Chat squad.

(918Kiss) SCR888 Casino – Winning Betting Technique

This winning betting technique is for slot games only so please don’t get confused and use it on other games at (918Kiss) SCR888 Casino. First, select a slot game that you are familiar with and set the paylines to the maximum. Then, focus on your bet per spin. Make sure that the bet per spin is at the minimum. Then click on the Autospin button and let it roll. Once you enter your first free spin bonus round, make sure to raise your bet at least 5 times the normal bet per spin.

Example, if you started spinning for RM1 bet per spin, after your first free spin bonus round, you’ll need to upgrade your bets to RM5 bet per spin. After your second round in the free spin bonus round, you should have more than enough to keep playing for the whole week. At this point, it’s totally up to you to cash out with that money or continue playing. That’s all for now, good luck peeps!

918Kiss Login | 918Kiss Download | Download And Login To 918Kiss

918Kiss Login

918Kiss Login

The SCR888 / 918Kiss Casino was previously known as SCR888 Casino and you may get the 918Kiss Login steps here. Before you proceed to the 918Kiss Login steps, make sure that you have the 918Kiss App. If you haven’t downloaded the 918Kiss App, you’ll not be able to log in. Please request for the official 918Kiss Download link from the Live Chat crew. You may also register for a 918Kiss Account with the Live Chat crew if you don’t have one. As of today, 918Kiss Casino is the most trending online casino in the gambling industry. There are over 140 games in the 918Kiss App. Most of the games consist of slot games and the payouts here are outrageous. For RM1, you’ll get returns of RM1,500-RM2,000. Let’s start with the 918Kiss Login steps.

918Kiss Login – What To Do?

First, you’ll need to register for a 918Kiss account and then download the 918Kiss App. Once you have the 918Kiss App, just click on it and wait for it to load. You’ll now be on the 918Kiss Login page. There, you’ll see the username segment, password segment, language selection, remember passwords checkbox and the login button. After registering for the 918Kiss account, you’ll have your username and password. Fill in your username at the username segment and fill in your password at the password segment. Now, select the language that you prefer. The standard language will be English. If you want the 918Kiss App to remember your password, please tick the remember passwords checkbox. Finally, click on the green login button and wait for the app to load. Next, you’ll be on the 918Kiss game menu. Select the game you wish to play and enjoy!

918Kiss Login – Are There Any Winning Strategies To Try?

Of course, there is! You came to the right place if you are finding for winning strategies. Today, I’ll just talk about baccarat as it is one of the simplest ways to play and it’s easy to understand this game. It’s really all about your betting technique if you want to make money at baccarat. Let’s start. So you have finally picked a baccarat table and your starting capital is RM2000. If there is a statistic report on the previous results, I would suggest that you follow the pattern based on that but if there isn’t, you may try and make your own data.

It’s pretty simple. So for your first bet, you may place RM50 on the Banker. If you win, you may place RM100 back on the same spot, the Banker. Now, if you win again, you’ll have RM200. By now, you’ll have a data of Banker 2 wins. Next, place RM50 on the Player and wait. If you lose, place double the amount back on the same spot that you lost which is RM100 because you just lost RM50 and you’ll need to recover back your RM50.

At the same time you’ll want to profit from the loss too that’s why you’re adding another RM50 on top of the RM50 which makes a total of RM100. However, if you win, just repeat the steps of 2 wins, then switch to the other side. Meaning to say, like mentioned above, 2 wins at the Banker then switch to the Player. If you lose then double your bets. But if you switch and win, bet on the same spot twice then only switch again and make sure you double your bets on the next round after your winning hand.

918Kiss Login – Where Else Can I Use This?

You may use the 918Kiss login steps on the 918Kiss App such as the 918Kiss APK and the 918Kiss iOS. You may also use it on the 918Kiss Test ID or the 918Kiss Free Play. As long as the app is the official 918Kiss App, you may use the 918Kiss login steps on any of the mentioned 918Kiss Apps. If you are planning to use the 918Kiss Hack on the slot games, make sure you turn on the 918Kiss Hack before logging in to the 918Kiss App. This will avoid any errors in the game and it will be much easier for you as you don’t have to log in and out just to switch on the 918Kiss Hack. Good luck and have fun at 918Kiss Casino!