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The 918Kiss is a mobile application that allows installing on the Android and Apple’s device. Today, the 918Kiss is the latest mobile application which releasing not more than a month. It is considering a new and fresh mobile application. 918Kiss is an application that allows you to play more than 100 games within a mobile application.

Besides that, the 918Kiss is a new application by the SCR888 Company. In short, the SCR888 changes the mobile app to the 918Kiss app. Here, they modify the entire of the mobile app, it includes the logo and theme. But they are retaining all of the games, maybe they will include more games in the future.

The Latest Online Casino Malaysia in 2018

In the year 2018, in Malaysia, that’s a new Online Casino Malaysia just released for you. It is the 918Kiss Casino. Yes, it is an Online Casino Malaysia that transforms from the SCR888 Casino. It means the SCR888 is no longer appear in Malaysia. It has replaced by the 918Kiss Casino.


On the other hand, although the 918Kiss Casino is new to the market. But now, it is available to you for the registration become a new member of that Online Casino Malaysia. As mentioned above, that’s not the much major difference between the SCR888 Casino and them. You are still able to gamble with the 918Kiss Casino normally.

Availability for the 918Kiss Download

Today, the 918Kiss Casino is releasing their mobile application installed on their download site. So, you able to get the new and original of the 918Kiss Casino mobile application. Besides, for their installation, it is available for the smartphone and the tablet only. It is to allow you to experience the convenience of the Online Gambling.

Besides that, on the download site, you are able to find two kinds of the download format file. Both of the¬†format files are working for the mobile application installation. Each of them is installing onto the different devices’, it is depending on the device’s operating system.

918Kiss APK

The 918Kiss APK is one of the download files for the mobile application installation. It is the download files that able to install on the Android device, which includes the Android smartphone and the Android tablet. Doesn’t matter with any version of the Android OS, you are allowing to download onto your device.

918Kiss iOS

Next, the 918Kiss iOS is another download file for the mobile application installation. It is the download files that able to install on the Apple device, which includes the iPhone and iPad. Doesn’t matter with any generation of the Apple device, you are allowing to download onto your device.

How to Download 918Kiss Casino

In order to download the 918Kiss Casino, you able to take a time for visiting their download site. As mentioned above, you can pick the suitable download file for the installation. If you are using the incorrect file for the installation, then it will become useless on that device. So, please use the correct file for the installation. And the APK will be the easier one for the installation.

How to Install on iOS

While installing the iOS from the outsource application, it will be a bit of the complicates. Because the Apple Inc. is using the best quality of the security system to protect your device. But you are still able to install the iOS on your device safely without any application to support.

Here, you need to change the setting on your device, then you are allowing to open their casino app. First of all, you may need to go to the “Settings”. Next, find the “General” then click on the “Device Management”. Here, you have to find the 918Kiss Casino Company and click the “trust” button. It is to tell the device that this outsource app is safe to play on the device.

How to Install on PC

Although the 918Kiss Casino is not supporting the PC version for gambling. But the technology nowadays, it makes the impossible mission becomes possible. So, now you are able to play their casino games on the PC. By using an external application on the PC then you are ready to win the money from the PC gaming.

To gambling the casino games on the PC. You can download an application name “BlueStacks”. It is an application that allows you to install all of the Android apps on the PC. After doing the BlueStacks installation on PC, then you able to import the APK file from the desktop. Next, complete the installation of the 918Kiss Casino on the BlueStacks. Now you able to play the casino games on the PC. It is simple to do so.

Why You Should Download the 918Kiss Casino

Since it is a new online casino in Malaysia, believe most of you may not fully trust to a new company. Or may try for a few budget on the game. But it is worthy to download this Online Casino App onto your mobile device. It delivers a lot of the benefits to you and it will never regret to download this online casino.

New and Fresh

Most of the time, when a new product releases on the market. The company will offer more and more benefits to you. Since it is a new online casino in Malaysia, they may reduce the difficulty of the money winning rate while gambling on their casino games. It is the objective to attract more online gamblers to download their casino app.

A Better Online Gambling Environment

As mentioned above, this online casino is transforming from the SCR888. Since it becomes the new online casino. Of cause, the company designs a better gambling environment for you. So, you may feel comfortable while gambling. Now, they are using a purple theme as the background. Then you can feel comfortable and imagine like a real casino.

More Than 100 Casino Games

Between the game list of the casino, they are including more than a hundred of the casino games in an application. It allows you to use a single game account to play more than a hundred games, it is a good offer for them. The casino games include the Online Slot Games, Casino Table Games, and the Video Arcade Games. Those are the greatest casino games in Malaysia, which you may find a favourite one.

A Better Win Rate of the New Online Casino Malaysia

It is said, “a new thing always gives the best experience”. This may relate to the 918 Kiss casino, as you able to experience a better online casino with them. It may be easier to win the money from the 918 Kiss casino. Don’t lose this opportunity to download and gamble with the 918 Kiss casino. You able to win the money with the amount up to RM10,000.00 from 918Kiss casino games.


In conclusion, the 918Kiss Casino is the best online casino Malaysia in the year of 2018. Download a single mobile application able to play more than hundred casino games. Some more, it provides a better winning rate to you. Download for the 918Kiss Casino gameplay to win your money, take the action now.


SCR888 Free Download | SCR888 Download | SCR888 Mobile

SCR888 Free Download | SCR888 Online Casino

SCR888 Free Download

The SCR888 / 918kiss Free Download is allowing you to get a free SCR888 application, that to allows install on the small device. Today, there are a lot of the people are searching for the SCR888 free download for the installation. As the SCR888 free download including more than 100 games in an application.

Since the SCR888 free download is an application installing on the small device. It available with the APK and iOS download files for the installation. But it is able to support most of you to install the SCR888 free download on your small device.

SCR888 Mobile Casino

SCR888 Mobile Casino | SCR888

Yes, the SCR888 is the Online Casino Malaysia that becomes the most popular one in Malaysia. There are more than million Malaysian gamblers who are enjoyable with the SCR888 Casino Games. Now, that’s more than ten million download times of the SCR888 free download.

However, the SCR888 free download is available for the small device gaming. The small devices are the smartphone and tablet only. It will be much better to gaming the Casino Games on the mobile, as it delivers many benefits to you. The Android and the Apple users are allowing to get the SCR888 free download.

Why Play The SCR888 Casino on Small Devices

As mentioned above, gaming the SCR888 Casino on the small device, it gives a lot of the advantage to you. They have such the good points to gaming on the small devices. Like the convenient, since it is a small device, then you able to carry out from the house easily for the online gambling. Unlike the PC, difficult to carry outside.

Nevertheless, play the SCR888 Casino on the small device. It has more privacy than the PC given. Believe most of the people keep the secret on the mobile more than the PC. Because people may treat the mobile as the personal belonging, so the mobile won’t easier lend to others. But the PC, others may see the screen easier while gambling.

How to Get the SCR888 Free Download

It is a good question. How to get the SCR888 Free Download? Because the SCR888 Casino doesn’t provide the download format file on any Game Stores. So, you can enter the SCR888 Download Site for the download file. On the site, you able to meet two different kinds of the download file – SCR888 APK and SCR888 iOS. Both of them are installing onto different devices.


android download | SCR888 Free Download


First of all, the SCR888 APK is the download format file for the Android device. So, every Android user allows using the APK for the installation on the device. Besides, using the SCR888 APK installation will be easier and fast. So, after doing the installation, you able to start the game straightly.

SCR888 iOSios download | SCR888 Free Download
On the other hand, the SCR888 iOS is another download file for the SCR888 Casino. It is suitable for the Apple’s product, like the iPhone and iPad. The Apple Inc. is providing a high-quality of the security to protect the device. Yet, it needs you to do setting before starting the game.

However, it is still easy for doing the SCR888 iOS installation. After download the SCR888 Casino application on the screen. Then you unable to open the apps. Unless you change something from the “Settings”. Go to the “General” and find the “Device Management”. Here, click trust on the SCR888 Casino to tell the device that SCR888 Casino is trusted mobile application.

Pick the Famous SCR888 Casino Games

After completely install the SCR888 free download on the device, then you able to start exploring the SCR888 Casino application. Within an application, they include more than 100 casino games that allow you to pick from them. You just need an account, then you can play all of the casino games.

In the SCR888 Casino Game, they have the Online Slot Games, Casino Table Games, and the Video Arcade Games. Those are the most popular casino games in Malaysia. As they are interesting, fun, and easy to win the money.

Online Slot Games

SCR888 Online Slot Games | SCR888 Casino

The Online Slot Game is the most popular casino game in the SCR888 Casino. The game number of the SCR888 Slot Game, they are occupying more than 60% of the game list. So, it makes you won’t get boring while gambling with the Online Slot Games.

In the SCR888 Slot Games, they include quite a number of the popular slot games. They are the Highway King slot, Dolphin Reef slot, Great Blue slot, and the Bonus Bear slot. Hence, other famous slots are including as well.

Casino Table Games

SCR888 Casino Table Game | SCR888 Online Casino

Casino Table Game is the traditional casino game that you able to see in every land-based casinos. They are including the Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and others. These casino games able to use the strategy to win the money. So, it does not fully rely on the luck. Everyone has the chance to win the game from the Casino Table Games.

Video Arcade Games

SCR888 Arcade Games | Ocean King 2 | SCR888 Online Casino

The Video Arcade Game is the most interesting and fun casino game ever. It is totally different from the slot game and table game. The game is relying on the luck, but you have to predict which icon will appear in the next round. Sure, you able to select more than one, as much as you like. But that’s only one outcome in the game.


The SCR888 Free Download is a valuable Online Casino that able to download onto the mobile device. And the SCR888 Casino is awarding the highest winning rate to you. So, you may have to chance to win big from their casino game. Get the SCR888 free download now, and don’t waste the time to miss the winning chances.